girl looking into the sunset over the trees

A Father’s Blessing

“You have a word for the next generation, and that word is ‘Daddy loves you’.”

Jim Goll called me out in a men’s meeting, had me stand, and gave me this word. It was really significant to me for a couple of reasons: (1) I had never been called out like that in a meeting, and (2) “Daddy loves you” is what I whispered in my kid’s ears every night after they had gone to sleep.

Then, Cindy and I were at dinner with some friends. After the woman shared some of her life story with us, she turned to me and said, “I think you are supposed to give me a father’s blessing.” That caught me off-guard. As we parted ways that night, I prayed for her – but afterwards, both Cindy and I knew “that” was not it.

Time passed, and then one day, that unfulfilled request came back up in my spirit. As I asked God about it, He began to download the lyrics. I went to the piano, and the music just started flowing.

It was intense, weighty, and yet, so liberating.

The next weekend, I played it with my worship team before a Sunday service. I told them if the woman came in that morning, I felt like I was supposed to sing it over her in the service. As the team prayed together before the service, she walked in through the back doors!

During the service, I asked her to stand, told a little of the story, and sang the song over her. As I was singing, I heard inside, “There are a lot of people here today who wish you were singing this over them. Sing it again.” And so, when I finished the song the first time, I shared this impression. In a moment, the majority of the room stood up. I sang it again, and we all wept as the love of the Father washed over us in a beautiful way.