This project is an example of psalmist ministry. Historically, the ministry of a psalmist had many benefits. The music and the songs brought peace in times of anguish, clarity in the face of pressure, and healing to body, soul and spirit. Some became songs of deliverance that resonated for a season in life. Others were songs of hope that kept hearts focused and faith alive. Still others unlocked freedom as deep called unto deep.

My prayer is that as you listen, these songs will wash over you, and you will experience the manifest presence of God surrounding you because we are always changed in His presence. May these songs inspire new places in worship, release a fresh hope in your heart, and provoke healing to your innermost being. Go ahead and take a chance; you’ll be surprised at what you find…

1 Past The Sorrow Lyrics & Chords 4:31
2 Come Let Me Cover You Lyrics & Chords 4:21
3 Broken Open Heart Lyrics & Chords 4:51
4 There’s A Hurting In My Heart Lyrics & Chords 3:19
5 A Father’s Blessing Lyrics & Chords 4:12
6 Hope Springs Eternal Lyrics & Chords 3:39
7 My Friend Lyrics & Chords 5:40
8 A Prodigal Heart Lyrics & Chords 5:25
9 I Open My Heart Lyrics & Chords 4:23
10 Let The Morning Bring Me Word Lyrics & Chords 5:17
11 To See You As You Really Are Lyrics & Chords 4:14
12 The Blessing Song Lyrics & Chords 4:22